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10 April 2024

Doctorcall delivers First UK private corporate COVID vaccine clinic 

Doctorcall delivers First UK private corporate COVID vaccine clinic 

Doctorcall, the longest-standing independent provider of private flu vaccination campaigns, has delivered the UK’s first corporate COVID vaccine clinic.

Ten staff were vaccinated using the Pfizer vaccine. The first of three sessions, with 30 staff to be vaccinated overall.

This is the first clinic of many in a busy Spring campaign for Doctorcall’s experienced team.

Doctorcall’s analysis suggests that around 20% of its flu vaccination clients will take up COVID vaccines this year.


Doctorcall Medical Director, Dr Charles Levinson, commented:

“As with flu, private COVID vaccinations offer a range of benefits for both the employees and businesses involved. Reducing illness, and therefore unplanned absenteeism.”

“As the longest-standing provider of private flu vaccination programmes, with millions delivered over the years, our trusted reputation means that for many clients our COVID programme will be a natural extension of existing services. I’m delighted to see the campaign underway.”

“Doctorcall’s vaccination programmes are uniquely a fully managed service. We provide all the staff, equipment and expertise – also offering a follow-up GP appointment for any staff member who is concerned about potential side-effects.”

“COVID, like flu, will continue to cause unwanted disruption and illness in organisations of all shapes and sizes. A relatively modest investment through a Spring vaccination programme should provide good value by reducing unplanned absence, improving staff wellbeing and improving morale. This is a calculation we are seeing a considerable proportion of businesses already making.”

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