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Patient Accessibility and Convenience

Doctorcall prioritises patient accessibility through home visits and telemedicine, ensuring top-quality medical care for housebound and disabled individuals. The 24/7 out-of-hours service further enhances convenience, offering seamless medical assistance every day of the year.


Home Visits and Telemedicine Services

Doctorcall offers exceptional home visiting services in London, combined with convenient telephone and video consultations. Our comprehensive approach ensures accessible and flexible healthcare options for patients.

Accessible Care for Housebound and Disabled Patients

For those unable to visit your surgery, Doctorcall brings medical expertise right to their doorstep. With Doctorcall you can prioritise the well-being of patients who cannot visit your clinic or surgery. Doctorcall brings top-quality medical expertise directly to their homes, ensuring they receive the care they need.

24/7/365 Out-of-Hours Service and Deputising

Trust Doctorcall to be there for you and your patients whenever you need us. Our reliable and dedicated team operates round-the-clock, every day of the year, providing seamless medical assistance.

Service Assurance and Efficiency

The assurance of instant medical reports and guaranteed service for contracted clients underscores Doctorcall’s commitment to maintaining continuity of care. Flexible charging options empower practices, while efficient billing processes contribute to uninterrupted healthcare provision.


Instant Medical Reports

We understand the importance of maintaining continuity of care. That’s why Doctorcall promptly sends medical reports from each visit or consultation, keeping you informed and up to date on your patients’ health.

Guaranteed Service for Contracted Clients

With a Doctorcall agreement, you’ll enjoy guaranteed service, even during busy periods. Unlike non-contracted requests, our contracted clients receive priority attention, ensuring uninterrupted care, particularly during peak periods.

Flexible Charging Options

Doctorcall provides a range of charging options to suit your needs. Choose between direct patient billing or practice invoicing, empowering you to set patient charges according to your preferences.

Collaborative and Customisable Approach

Doctorcall adopts a non-compete approach, serving as a complementary and valued extension to practices without establishing competing clinics. The focus on personalised patient instructions, dedicated communication channels, and customisable membership options strengthens the collaborative relationship, tailoring healthcare approaches to meet unique practice needs.


Non-Compete Approach

Doctorcall does not have clinics or practices so you can be certain our services will only add value to your practice and not compete. We want to be a complementary and valued service to you and your patients.

Personalised Patient Instructions

Our proprietary system securely stores your specific instructions for individual patients, guaranteeing they receive the same personalised care and attention that you provide.

Dedicated Telephone Number and Secure Booking Links

Simplify your administrative tasks and streamline the patient handoff process with our dedicated telephone number and customised booking links. Let us work together to tailor these approaches to meet the unique needs of your practice.

Membership Options for Enhanced Care

Doctorcall offers membership options for your patients, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your existing membership package or provide them as a stand-alone proposition. Empower your patients with additional medical support whenever they require it.

You can now offer private COVID-19 vaccines to your patients

Our comprehensive services now include private COVID-19 vaccinations. Starting in Spring 2024, you will be able to offer vaccination options to your patients through our dedicated programme. Secure your vaccines and book now.

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Private Covid-19 Vaccine Now Available.