TfL Private Hire Driver Medicals or PCO Medical


To be a private hire driver in London, you must prove your fitness by having a medical examination with a doctor. You can arrange for a TfL Private Hire Driver Medical or PCO medical with Doctorcall who works with Uber to make the process as seamless and quick as possible. Renewing your PCO license and new drivers for any private hire company must complete the TPH/204 medical form. Doctorcall is here to help make it easy and affordable.

Step ONE – Request your FULL medical records from your GP

  • Please do not book your medical assessment until you have received your FULL medical records. Please note that SUMMARY medical records cannot be accepted.


How to get your medical records? 

  • Contact your NHS GP practice (either personally at the GP reception or by emailing them) and request a copy of your FULL medical records. Please note that SUMMARY medical records cannot be accepted. You do not need to book an appointment with your GP for this.

    • You will get a response from the GP practice no later than 28 days after they have received your request. It sometimes helps to get your full medical records quicker if you explain that it is to get work.
    • If you aren’t registered with a GP currently, you will need to do that first, before you are able to request your medical records
  • If you are putting your request in writing, you can use this template. Otherwise please state that you would like a copy of your FULL medical record. Some GPs may require a specific request form that you must fill out and they may also ask for verification of your identity.


How do I know if I have the FULL record? 

The full record will contain all the GP and/or nurse appointments you have attended at your surgery.

  • For each appointment you will be able see the notes made by your GP.
  • The entries will date back to when you first registered with the NHS surgery.
  • The full records may also contain attachments, such as outpatient/specialist letters, A&E or hospital discharge letters and scanned documents.
  • If you are unsure, or information appears to be missing, please speak to your GP surgery.
  • Medical records from private clinics should also be provided. If you have consulted a private specialist, please ensure you bring letters relating to this to your appointment TfL Medical, as well as your full NHS GP records.
  • The full medical records must have been produced by your GP surgery within the last 3 months and records provided before then will not be accepted


Step TWO – Book your TfL Private Hire Driver Medical Assessment with Doctorcall (click here)

Once you have your medical records please click the link below, select your date and time and pay for your medical.


Click here to book a Private Hire Medical


  • Cost of the medical is  £75  paid when you book the appointment.


  • You will receive a  confirmation email and SMS  with instructions about your appointment.


  • You can also book by phone, reschedule or cancel your appointment by calling:

    • 020 7535 1875, available Mon to Fri from 7am till 10pm.


PLEASE NOTE: Your appointment is non-refundable. You must attend with your FULL medical records (PDF version is preferred). Summary medical records cannot be accepted. However, if you require an additional appointment because some important information was missing (full record, optician report etc), then we would allow a single follow-up appointment once, but any subsequent appointments will need to be paid in full. We cannot refund any appointment fees where the outcome is either deferral or failure.


Step THREE – Attend your appointment at Uber Greenlight Hub, London

Your appointment will be held at: The Uber Greenlight Hub, Moretown, Building 2, Ground Floor, 4 Thomas More Street, London, E1W 1YW. Directions and parking options can be found HERE.


Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time.


What to bring with you:


  • Photo ID  (Driving License or Passport)


  • FULL medical records from your GP (PDF version is preferred)


  • Your driving glasses/contact lenses & current prescription


  • Full details of any ongoing medical conditions  plus any medication you are taking


  • Download, print and complete sections A, B and C of this form before you arrive at your appointment. Please fill in your names in Block capitals at the bottom of pages 5 to 12.


What’s involved in the TfL Private Hire Driver Medical or PCO Medical?


You will have approximately 30 minutes with a Healthcare Assistant and a GP.


You will be asked questions about your medical history and current health, perform an eyesight test and have your blood pressure checked.


Based on your answers and the results of the tests the doctor will advise immediately if you meet the required medical standard. The medical assessment form will be completed, signed and stamped by the GP.


If you do not pass the medical for whatever reason you may reapply by booking a new appointment.


Can I complete my PCO license application submission during this appointment?


Once you pass your medical assessment, you can get support from the Uber team with the submission of your Background check (DBS) and PCO license application Both these appointments will take approximately 1 hour. In order for you to do that, please ensure you bring the following documents:



Special Conditions

As a prospective Uber partner driver who purchases the Product (as defined in the Doctorcall Full Terms and Conditions), you acknowledge and agree that: (i) Uber B.V., its affiliates and/or related third parties, employees, contractors, agents and representatives (“Uber”) are not the provider of the Product, that you purchase the Product directly from Doctorcall in accordance with their Full Terms and Conditions and Uber are not liable for any losses arising from your purchase of the Product; (ii) purchasing this Product from Doctorcall in no way obliges you to, or guarantees you will be able to obtain a private hire licence or partner with Uber; (iii) Uber may directly or indirectly receive your personal data or other information provided by you to Doctorcall while assisting you in booking the Product or attending your appointment; and (iv) you release Uber from all liability, responsibility, costs and damages which might arise from in relation to the booking the Product or attending your appointment.

Full terms and conditions.

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