Hotel Visiting Service


Doctorcall’s Hotel Visiting Service: Always There for You and Your Guests, 24/7/365

Why do London’s Hotels choose Doctorcall’s Hotel Visiting Service?


We are always open

We are always there for you and your guests whenever you need us. Unfortunately, your guests can fall ill at any time. So it’s good to have a trusted GP on call night and day. Your guests can choose from a personal visit at your hotel or a telephone or video call with a doctor if they prefer.

A service you can rely on

With live ETAs, you know exactly when we’ll arrive. Doctorcall’s unique dispatch system manages our citywide rota of GPs so there’s no waiting around, you’ll know when to expect us.

30 years expertise you can trust

We’ve been helping hotels across the capital for more than 30 years and we are completely committed to continuing our long tradition of excellence. We are proud to be an associate member of the Society of Golden Keys and our Founder, Dr Levinson was made an honorary lifetime member.

Hassle free process

From ePrescriptions that guests can use at local pharmacies and charges added to the guests’ bill, Doctorcall makes it easy for your guests to feel better. We’ll also give you exclusive access to booking online with your own account.

London, we have got you covered

Doctorcall offers unrivaled availability, accessibility, and coverage across London. Whether your hotel is located in the heart of the city or its outskirts, we are here to provide comprehensive medical support and hotel visiting services.

Always going the extra mile

In addition to taking care of your guests, Doctorcall offers a range of other services, including employee healthcare, flu vaccinations, and membership programs. Contact us to explore how we can go the extra mile for your hotel’s healthcare needs and provide convenient hotel visiting services.

Private Covid-19 Vaccine Now Available.