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  • Get vaccinated at a central London clinic or at home
  • Follow-up GP consultations included
  • Qualified nurses administer vaccinations
  • £90 per vaccine

Prioritise your health and ensure access to the COVID vaccine

We understand that recent changes to the NHS eligibility criteria may have left some people without access to the COVID booster, potentially leaving them more vulnerable to the effects of the virus. At Doctorcall, your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re excited to announce our Private COVID-19 Vaccination Program has been designed exclusively for individuals like you.

Doctorcall’s Private COVID-19 Vaccinations can be booked now, providing a secure, convenient, and efficient solution for those concerned about the coronavirus in London. This program allows you to receive your COVID jab privately, ensuring you have access to the booster without relying on NHS eligibility criteria.

Your health matters, and we are here to provide you with the best possible care. Trust Doctorcall to keep you and your loved ones protected.

Book your COVID vaccine today! Only £90 per vaccine!

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    Why choose our private COVID-19 vaccinations?

    Get Vaccinated At Home
    Our qualified nurses bring the COVID vaccine to your door, ensuring comfort and safety. Home vaccinations are available for a nominal fee of £100 for the nurse visit, in addition to any applicable vaccine charges.
    Central London Clinic
    You might prefer to be vaccinated at a Marylebone clinic (Wimpole Street), fully equipped, clean, and professional surroundings.
    Follow-up Consultation
    If needed, you have the option to receive a complimentary follow-up virtual consultation, offering further reassurance and peace of mind.
    Experts in Healthcare
    With 35 years of experience in healthcare, Doctorcall is dedicated to looking after you and is regulated by CQC.
    Track Record
    With the introduction of COVID vaccinations, we continue our proud tradition of pioneering healthcare services such as large-scale flu vaccinations and GP home visits.
    Trusted Service
    Don’t just take our word for it. We are extremely proud of the service we provide and believe our customer reviews speak for themselves.

    The importance of getting vaccinated against COVID

    Travel considerations

    When you’re traveling, the likelihood of contracting respiratory infections, including Covid, rises. Additionally, obtaining medical assistance while on the move can be challenging, underscoring the importance of prevention.

    Protection for loved ones

    Many of us have family members or friends who are more susceptible to Covid, yet we may not be eligible for the NHS vaccine ourselves. By getting vaccinated, we not only safeguard our own health but also protect those around us.

    Professional impact

    Occupations that involve frequent interaction with others or work in healthcare settings elevate the risk of contracting and transmitting Covid. Furthermore, maintaining good health is crucial not only for individuals but also for the smooth functioning of critical roles and close-knit teams, as evidenced by the disruptive consequences of minor Covid outbreaks, such as among air traffic controllers.

    Addressing concerns and health issues

    Some individuals opt out of vaccination due to concerns about potential side effects, fear of needles, or other health-related anxieties. It’s imperative for healthcare providers to address these apprehensions beyond the NHS framework, ensuring that every medical consultation offers comprehensive care and support.

    Private Covid Vaccine Information

    When will COVID-19 vaccines be available privately?

    Private COVID vaccines are available now. Doctorcall launched private COVID-19 vaccination program in April 2024. We advise booking early as demand may impact stock availability.

    What vaccine will I be getting?

    The specific vaccine you will receive may depend on availability and our vaccine offerings. Doctorcall will always provide authorised and effective COVID-19 vaccines.

    How much will the private COVID Vaccine cost?

    Doctorcall offers private COVID-19 vaccinations for £90 per vaccine, available both at our clinic and in the comfort of your home. However, for home vaccinations, a visit fee of £100 will be added. If multiple individuals are vaccinated in the same residence, the visit fee remains fixed, while the vaccine cost is multiplied by the number of people receiving the vaccine. For example, if three COVID vaccines are required, the vaccine cost is £270 (£90 x 3) and £100 nurse visit fee, so the total would be £370.

    Who is eligible for your COVID-19 Vaccine?

    At Doctorcall, we aim to make our COVID-19 vaccine accessible to as many individuals as possible. Eligibility for our vaccine will depend on the specific vaccine available, but as a general guideline, we plan to offer vaccination to everyone aged 12 and above. Please note that eligibility criteria may be subject to change based on vaccine availability, regulatory approvals, and public health guidelines.