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01 July 2024

Ensuring Airline Safety. Doctorcall's Innovative Alcohol Testing Programme

Ensuring Airline Safety. Doctorcall

Ensuring Airline Safety. Doctorcall’s Innovative Alcohol Testing Programme

Current Landscape

Airlines are increasingly considering breath testing for flight and cabin crew to ensure operational safety and regulatory compliance. Starting on February 1st, 2022, the United Kingdom (the CAA) began implementing alcohol testing for crew members in accordance with the EU Air Operations Regulation. This regulation, though initially an EU directive, has been retained and amended in UK law under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. Consequently, airlines are looking to adopt internal unannounced alcohol testing programs to maintain a robust compliance framework and meet regulatory requirements.


Challenges faced by airlines

Airlines face challenges in finding a suitable partner to implement such a program. While many companies in the UK offer alcohol testing services, their standard operating hours of 9-5 on weekdays are incompatible with the 24/7 nature of airline operations. Furthermore, these companies typically require ample notice for random testing, which is impractical given the dynamic schedules and staffing needs of airlines. This has made it difficult for airlines to establish a reliable and effective alcohol testing program.


Doctorcall’s solution

Doctorcall has developed an innovative solution to address these challenges. Leveraging its 24/7 on-demand doctor service, Doctorcall has launched an unannounced alcohol testing program tailored specifically for a major intercontinental airline. Initiated in June 2024, this program meets the standards of both the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the airline’s domestic licensing authority.


Key features of Doctorcall’s programme:


24/7 On-Demand Service: Designed to accommodate the continuous operation schedule of airlines, ensuring availability for all flights.

Approved Equipment: Utilizes an approved breath alcohol analyser compliant with relevant standards, ensuring accurate and reliable testing.

Regulatory Compliance: Meets CAA requirements and the evidentiary thresholds for employment tribunals, ensuring legal robustness.

Efficient Sampling Methodology: Developed in collaboration with the airline to avoid unreasonable delays to flight schedules, maintaining operational efficiency.



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Doctorcall is a leading provider of on-demand medical services for 24/7 operators such as airlines. It provides primary care for most of the intercontinental airlines flight and cabin crew in the UK.

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