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23 October 2013

Best Effective Verruca and Wart Treatment

Best Effective Verruca and Wart Treatment

At last there is a treatment for verrucae (verrucas) and warts that works well and effectively!

The Cause

Verrucas and warts are benign skin tumours caused by DNA disruption by a rogue virus and they are therefore highly contagious. If your body develops immunity to the virus, it destroys the verruca or wart and eradicates the virus and this is why sometimes whole crops of verrucas or warts can disappear simultaneously without good explanation. Unfortunately we do not have a vaccine against verruca and wart virus and with verrucas in particular, where the is little blood supply to the tumour, immunity may never arise. We see adults with large, disfiguring and painful verrucas of many years standing.#


The mainstay of treatment is disruption and trauma to the tumour. Firstly, if sufficient, this may destroy it. Secondly it is hoped that the virus will then get into the blood stream and immunity develop. The problem has always been that that the traumatising treatments don’t work properly. They are as follows:

  1. Radiotherapy. This is the gold standard and a very low dose of minimally-penetrating radiation can be used to target resistant verrucas with huge success. The problem is that this is often seen as overkill and is very expensive.
  2. Topical solutions: These do not target the verruca well over surrounding skin and if surrounding skin is damaged, they simply give the verruca an opportunity to grow faster. They rarely get deep enough.
  3. Cryotherapy (freezing): The cryotheraphy systems generally available to the public and to chiropodists and doctors are not always sufficiently powerful or targeted. The huge success we have found is with more powerful and targeted crotherapy.

The Breakthrough

The Doctorcall Harley Street and Manchester Clinics have found that using Wallach cryosurgical equipment, which is the best available and gives the fastest freeze and defrost in conjunction with a full range of tips of different widths to target even the smallest verrucas and warts without surrounding tissue damage in conjunction with careful paring away of excess keratin, we have in every case been successful in treating even the most recalcitrant and stubborn verrucas. Because of the avoidance of surrounding tissue damage, patients report little discomfort either during or after treatment. This is not rocket science, it is simply using better equipment in conjunction with attention to detail. The great news is that it works!

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