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02 September 2013

The most famous sexual health clinic

The most famous sexual health clinic

For peace of mind, call us today[/caption] Doctorcall has sexual health clinics in both London and Manchester. Here are reasons why it’s the most famous GUM clinic in the country.

The most famous GUM sexual health clinic

Founded n 1985, it was the first private STD clinic in the UK, located in Regents Park, central London.

In 2005 a new STI clinic was opened in central Manchester where it was the only private STI centre.

Specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of all known sexual diseases and infections the clinic has always used the very latest in best technology.

Many of the UK’s top sexual health and HIV consultants have worked for this leading centre. The name Regents Park is now synonymous with sexual health.

This was the first clinic NHS or private which became expert in the care of porn trade and sex worker industry patients. The clinic is currently developing an on-line database for adult entertainment stars to help prevent the risk of HIV an STI spread amongst actors in the adult film world.

The Regents Park Clinic has a strong social conscience and it also recognises that one untreated individual can act as a reservoir of sexual infections whose eradication can help not only that patient but society at large.

This was the first clinic to offer Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Many patients with vague urological symptoms such as urethral (penile) discharge, dysuria (burning discomfort or pain on passing urine), vaginosis with vaginal discharge, irritation, itching or smell or other abnormal genital symptoms turn up for expert diagnosis and treatment.

The clinic has for many years been a leading provider of prenuptual health screening for those entering a new relationship.

We think it is simply the best sexual health clinic in the World!

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