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11 January 2023

Doctorcall Corporate Health Screening Programme

Doctorcall Corporate Health Screening Programme

A modern healthcare screening programme from an established and proven provider will help your workforce become fitter, healthier and happier.

As with other preventative measures we offer such as our flu vaccination programme, our employee screening service will easily pay for itself over the medium to long term.
Catching medical issues early drastically increase the chances of a positive outcome, giving your staff the best opportunity to tackle any potential problems. The main benefit is the employee’s well-being and general health, but that also helps your organisation in reducing unplanned absences.
It will also give your staff to talk to medical professionals about any concerns they might have which are causing them stress or anxiety. It could be nothing to worry about, or action can be taken. Either way this gives the employee peace of mind which is invaluable in a happy and productive member of your team.
Our screening programme can be custom-built for you. It can take place in our central London/Manchester clinic or arranged to be conducted on-site at your company premises, with the level of medical detail entirely up to you.
Companies we have worked with for decades have found it to be an enticing part of a recruitment package. Applicants and staff feel valued and appreciate the company/organisation taking their duty of care seriously. With the labour market as stretched as it is, small details like this in a package often make a big difference in the applicant’s final decision.
Doctorcall has provided these services for many years now and our industry-leading reputation is there for good reason. We are entirely flexible to your needs and our record of delivery for private medical services speaks for itself.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for an initial discussion through the details provided below:

0344 257 0345


Private Covid-19 Vaccine Now Available. We are now taking bookings for on-site vaccination clinics for Spring'24.