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11 January 2023

Doctorcall Overseas Consultations

Doctorcall Overseas Consultations

Falling ill anywhere is a stressful experience, especially so when you are abroad.

We launched our overseas remote consultation service in anticipation of a busy summer and the feedback has been immense. Delivering peace of mind at a time when relaxation is top of the agenda.

How can we help?

Wherever you are spending your summer, the Doctorcall team is on hand to provide medical advice and assistance – we are fully licensed, qualified and insured to provide telemedicine consultations for UK residents in any country.

Instead of grappling with language barriers or navigating complicated local health systems, speak with a UK-based private GP. They can deliver medical advice wherever you are, but also in many countries issue an electronic prescription. This will be provided instantly, and a local pharmacy will be able to dispense the medication prescribed.

If you are planning a final summer getaway or travelling overseas later in the year, make a note of our details and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can be of assistance.

Arrange your telephone or video consultation by calling us or booking online.

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