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02 March 2023

What price for peace of mind?

What price for peace of mind?

What price for peace of mind?

Being able to speak with a doctor, in person at your home/office or through telemedicine, almost immediately is a benefit that Doctorcall members enjoy across the capital and beyond.

For just £80 a month, our new offering includes doctor home visits, unlimited telemedicine anywhere in the world and an annual check-up at a place of your choosing. Our city-wide reach allows us to operate anywhere within the M25, with technology enabling telemedicine appointments across the globe.

That means, including a fair use policy, that members have unlimited access to UK-based doctors.

Whether that’s at a place of their choosing or on the phone. All access and information are contained in the Doctorcall app or a call away.

Following the launch of our unique package, demand has been impressive. Clients have found the speed and convenience a great comfort, knowing that medical support is there if they need it for an affordable price every month.

Often, a quick conversation with a doctor is all that is needed to allay any fears. Waits of weeks and weeks only add to the stress, when simple reassurance is all that is required. Our package provides exactly that – reassurance.

At best, the symptom can be examined and dismissed as nothing to fear. At worst, a condition is caught at an earlier stage meaning faster treatment and very often, a far more favourable outcome for the patient.

Those same benefits apply to the annual check-up. Prevention is better than any cure and health screenings are a proven way to detect issues at the earliest possible stage.

Doctorcall membership provides practicality, timeliness and peace of mind. In today’s fast-moving world, that is priceless.

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