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18 February 2020

Our new medical membership app Doctorcall launches to positive reviews in London

Our new medical membership app Doctorcall launches to positive reviews in London

Our unique medical app Doctorcall grants members 24/7 access to a doctor across the City of London – including round-the-clock access to quality care, exclusive discounts and priority bookings. Think of it as a gym membership that doesn’t require you going to a gym. Exactly.


We are delighted to announce that our unique membership app Doctorcall – launched in December – has been ushered into the new year with a flurry of positive feedback.

Available to all across London, the app allows patients to sign up for membership and gain at-the-fingertip access to our great range of rapid, convenient services, as well as exclusive priority bookings.

At a time when many are finding it difficult to prioritise their health due to the pressures of balancing a busy work life, family, and other commitments, Doctorcall has been designed to help you give your health the much-needed attention it needs.

It comes in the form of a unique app – the first of its kind – to allow you exclusive access to affordable medical cover, combined with guaranteed, prioritised home visits, exclusive discounts on consultations, and 24/7 access.

So, how does it work?

Our Doctorcall app has been designed to streamline healthcare delivery. At a time when the NHS is undergoing such intense pressures and – and what can only be described as a challenging future ahead – we recognise the vital need for innovative care and, more specifically, the need for accessible, digital health.

It’s no secret – the NHS is incredible, but trying to book an appointment with a GP is not always a painless process – from long waiting times to short appointment times, and the inability to always be seen by the same doctor, being able to access timely care can be challenging.

As such, there is growing, inexorable demand for digital health. According to a 2019 Accenture survey, this is even more important when it comes to keeping millennial and gen Z patients in the fold.

Doctorcall, our membership app, is designed to facilitate this – it provides a digital platform that allows you quick access to a doctor and quality care, whenever you need it.

What have people said about us?

We were delighted to announce our certified ‘Excellent’ rating on consumer review website Trustpilot at the end of last year. Here are some snippets of what our patients have said about their experiences with us.

Excellent service …
“Able to give me an appointment the day after I phoned. Convenient location in city centre. Didn’t have to wait for GP referral.”


I don’t normally leave reviews but …
“I found Doctorcall and bought a yearly subscription about 9 months ago. I’ve been seeing Dr Petreanu who is fantastic. We have a good rapport and I trust her completely. It’s really easy to get an appointment. The location is convenient. The opening hours are good. It never feels rushed.”


Impeccable speed …
“We have used this service on two separate trips here from Australia. The speed and the professionalism of the service has been impeccable. The doctors are wonderful. I cannot rate it highly enough.”


Outstanding service …
“Outstanding service. Extremely knowledgeable doctor who diagnosed correctly and administered medication which helped my daughter recover quickly.”


Excellent and always super-efficient …
“Excellent and always super-efficient service from the team at 65 London Wall. Such a help for those of us who struggle to make time for what is most important in our life, our health!”


Want to sign up?

The Doctorcall app is a unique platform granting members priority access to our renowned visiting doctor service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole of London. By signing up, members also benefit from an exclusive 30% discount on all GP consultations and health screens at our London clinics.

Download our brand-new app, DoctorCall, to unlock your membership benefits today – including round-the-clock access to a doctor, discounts and exclusive priority bookings.
At a cost of only £20 per month, our visiting doctor membership is a considerably less expensive way of making sure that your health remains priority and care can always remain a push of a button away.

DoctorCall, our brand-new app is available for download on all Android and iOS devices.

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