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12 July 2023

Doctorcall Company Doctors

Doctorcall Company Doctors

Doctorcall Company Doctors


On-site company doctors are a traditional and cost-effective way of providing your

employees with regular medical consultations at work. Getting ahead of any long-term

health issues and reducing the number of sick days your employees are forced to take.


We offer an expert private service providing on-site health consultations to your employees at your

convenience to run regular in-house private clinic sessions.


We are seeing record demand for our services in Greater London, especially in the financial

service and legal sectors. Here’s why:


We offer a wide range of services tailored to your needs:

Our on-site corporate doctors can provide a range of services including:


Doctor Consultations

Travel advice and Vaccinations

Seasonal flu vaccinations

Corporate Health checks

Employee Medical assessments


We assist you in setting up an appropriate consulting room at your office and provide an

online booking process for staff to make their own appointments.


We will work with you to ensure that your on-site doctor clinics run efficiently and most

importantly provide a secure and comfortable environment for staff to attend. Patients can

meet with the company doctor to discuss any current illness or general health matter. Our

corporate doctors can also provide advice for other health-related matters and if necessary, arrange

for the company doctor to provide regular health screening and medical assessments.


You can arrange for the on-site company doctor sessions to take place as often as you like.


Through our Company Doctor Membership, you can obtain these services as well as

exclusive benefits ensuring the well-being and convenience of your workforce. Helping you

to attract and retain top talent with our expert primary care for your team.


To find out why we’re in such high demand and to discuss what we can do for you contact

us here and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible:

Private Covid-19 Vaccine Now Available. We are now taking bookings for on-site vaccination clinics for Spring'24.