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08 August 2023

'Record early demand' announced for private workplace flu jabs following NHS vaccine drawdown report

Doctorcall is the most established provider of flu vaccinations for companies and organisations, having delivered these services for longer than anyone outside of the NHS. Following reports of a drawdown of NHS flu vaccination services for most adults under 65 (Daily Telegraph), Doctorcall has reported enquiries and bookings to be at their highest for this point of the annual cycle with up to a three-fold increase on the last five years.


Dr Charles Levinson, Doctorcall Medical Director, commented:

“This record early demand demonstrates that, with the NHS drawing back, companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes are taking matters into their own hands to protect staff. Workplace flu jabs are proven to reduce the number of working days lost to sickness  – unplanned mass absence is very challenging and a vaccination programme can easily cover the initial investment.”


“Discussing influenza in August may seem strange, but we have been planning our vaccination campaign for months because of the lead time in manufacturing the vaccine.  It’s through taking these necessary precautions now that undue pressure during the winter months can be avoided. Our services complement the NHS effort and have given protection to millions over the years, often reaching areas of the population that are not entitled to an NHS flu jab.”


“Offering staff vaccinations can help to prevent the spread of the virus, which not only has societal benefits but also reduces outbreaks across the entire business.  Delivering utility to the individual, the organisation and the wider community.”


“In such a competitive labour market, a comprehensive company corporate health offering can entice and attract potential members of staff to a business – that very much includes a workplace flu vaccination programme.”


“The threat of influenza must not be underestimated. Preparing when the season is upon us is not sufficient, which is why the level of activity at this time of the year is so beneficial.”





Telegraph report:


Workplace flu jabs:

Company flu vaccinations are carried out by Doctorcall’s highly experienced nurses. Established in 1989, we have provided flu vaccinations for businesses longer than any other company.


Vegan vaccines are available on request: The vaccine is recombinant which means that it’s grown in cells (rather than eggs) making it safe for those with allergies and specific lifestyle requirements.


Our packaging is recyclable: The wool insulation is certified compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil. The material has enabled us to hold our cold chain for a maximum of 96 hours.



Doctorcall is an innovative medical group providing high-quality medical services for both individuals and companies.

Founded by Dr Charles Levinson in 1989 to provide a visiting doctor service within London. This was the first such service in the UK.

The group expanded over a number of years and now provides a range of medical services for both individuals and corporate clients. Doctorcall has been a leading innovator within the independent sector.

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